Transport Services resume templates

When people travel, they need to satisfy certain needs, for this reason it is necessary the transport service provider. They are professionals who provide all type of services to travelers. Transport service workers are in charge of developing different functions during trips, each one has an obligation which has to be done in order to achieve the clients' satisfaction, it does not matter if the trip is done by airplanes, train, bus, ship, etc. Nevertheless, in this case we are going to focus on the airline field, some of the main transport service professionals are: airline managers, flight attendants, pilots.

Flight attendants have to assure the security and comfort of passengers, they carry out duties as:

  • Instruction of safety procedures to the passengers.
  • Supervise the well function of all the emergency and first-aid equipment kids.
  • Help passengers during emergency situations.
  • Provide assistance to the passengers who need it (children, sick people or elderly).
  • Solving the passengers' inquiries.
  • Distribute snacks, meals and beverages, as well as headphones, pillows or blankets.
  • Keeping the inventory of all the things to be distributed.

To become a flight attendant, candidates must have at least a high school diploma, however nowadays due to the high competition, companies are looking for professionals with a bachelors' degree in fields like nursing, communication, travel and tourism. You will also need to complete a certification program certified by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Also if you are interested in working in an international airline you must also have knowledge of several languages.

As flight attendants, pilots also work in airplanes however they are not in contact with passenger; they are in the cabin flying the airplane. They responsibilities of a pilot start before the plain tale off, pilot have to check all the navigation and operating system and develop a flight plan and check weather conditions. Thanks to the modern navigation systems of the airplanes, the job of the pilot during flights is easy; they have to take off or land the plane, and be aware of my emergency or a malfunction. If there is an emergency they have to communicate it to the passengers and to the air traffic control center. Becoming a pilot is not easy, even when a degree is not mandatory, having an associate's or bachelor's degree in physics or aeronautical engineering is advisable. Assist to a flight school certified by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), once you finish your preparation, you can obtain the pilot's license. Some of the most popular schools are:

  • San Diego Flight Training International, it offers a 43-week certification course.
  • Delta Connection Academy, this academy offers an associate's degree in Pilot Operations (2 years) and a professional pilot program which lasts one year.

On the other hand, airline managers work in an office usually at the airport. They have administrative functions as establishing the airlines procedures and policies for security, emergency, complains, etc. They also supervise staff members and assigns schedules and functions.

About all the professions previously mentioned, the one which highest salaries are the pilots, they make around the 75 thousand dollars per year, followed by the managers who receive around 65, while flight attendants receive a salary between 30 and 45 thousand dollars per year.

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