Town Planning resume templates

In order to work in Town Planning, you would need to do a lot of research in order to have a better development of the city and its community. You will be dealing with many aspects of the city such as: aesthetics, safety, security, slums, urban decay, reconstruction, renewal, transportation planning, economics, environmental protection, and other important aspects.

Your resume should primarily reflect your capacity to apply your current knowledge in town planning projects. Demonstrate your hiring manager that you can develop a town based on the number of applicants, traffic, local identity and more. You should also speak about your capacity to protect the city from dangers such as floods and extreme weather. You must anticipate any traffic problem that may occur within the town, and try to resolve it. Of course, you must demonstrate that you can also save some resources when it comes to choosing the best method to protect the city.

Indeed, safety and security isn't the only problem that a town planner has to deal with. You must prove your sense of aesthetics where you can encourage a certain style that should be implemented in the town itself. Talk about your capacity to deal with urban decay; mention any project that you have conducted in order to solve urban decay problems. Your hiring manager needs to know that you can cover other tasks because a town planner is in charge of multiple responsibilities. Your previous works should speak for you; this is why we recommend you to be as specific as possible.

Nowadays, there is an increasing interest in protecting the environment itself. This is why some of the responsibilities that you will be handling consist in the management of energy resources and waste disposal. Noise and air pollution are also usual problems that you must be able to fix after a serious evaluation. Now, we should talk about the possibility of obtaining master's degree in case that you don't have one. We have introduced a small list of universities that have a program in urban planning.

  • Parsons The New School of Design, New York, NY- Master of Arts in Theories of Urban Practice.
  • University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA- Ph.D in Public Policy and Management.
  • University of Oregon, Eugene OR- Master of Community and Regional Planning.
  • University of Kansas, Lawrence, KS-Master of Urban Planning.
  • University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN- Master of Urban and Regional Planning.

When it comes to town planning, it is necessary to take into account various things: its economic and social impact as well as the physical shape of the town itself. This means that it takes a lot of design, critical thinking and strategizing. Many town planners have also reconstructed old cites. We have posted town planning resume templates in this section for your convenience.

Resumes for Town Planning