Statistical Services resume templates

Statistics is the branch of mathematics which deals with the collection, analysis and interpretation of data, in order to determinate parameters about people. Statisticians are the professionals capable of doing these activities; they must have an in-depth knowledge of numbers and calculations in order to create numerical and/or graphical representations of the data. The data used for analysis is usually collected by surveys or experiments.

A bachelor's degree in statistics or mathematics will only give the opportunity to get a junior-level position. If you want to get better employment opportunities you must at least have a master's degree in the field, bigger institutions might require a Ph.D. Having studies of psychology is also recommendable.

If you want to obtain a statistics degree, you can do it in the universities mention below; they have some of the most recognized statistics degrees:

  • University of Washington; it is located in Seattle, Washington. It has one of the most important departments of Statistic in the USA. This university offers bachelor and master's degrees, as well as Ph.D.
  • University of Chicago; it offers one of the most important BA in Statistics, it also offers a Joint BA/MS Program, it means that students can get a double certification a Bachelor of Arts in any field other than statistics and a Master of Science in Statistics, in only four years. The campus is located in Chicago, Illinois.
  • Colorado State University offers a major in math, with concentration in statistics. It also offers graduate degrees as: Master's in Applied Statistics (MAS).

The level of education the professional has affects the salary he/she will receive. Recent graduate statisticians who only have a bachelor's degree will more likely obtain a job as junior statisticians and as a consequence the salary will be kind of low, it will range from 38 to 41 thousand dollars per year. On the other hand statisticians with more than five years of experience and with a master degree can earn between 50 and 70 thousand in one year. Finally, the salary of the professionals with over 15 years of experience can pass the $100,000 in a year.

Below you will find samples which you can personalize to write your own resume.

Resumes for Statistical Services