Sports Services resume templates

Nowadays, sports services professionals have more employment opportunities than before, because now people care more about their personal appearance and physical shape. Years ago only bodybuilders used to go the gym, however in the present, gyms are visited by people (men and women) of all ages, social conditions and occupations.

Sport services professionals work at gyms or at other sport institutions. Some of the careers in the sports services field are: aerobics instructor, athletic trainer and trainer: let's talk a little bit about each one of them.

Aerobics instructor: An aerobics instructor is a fitness professional who led an exercise class to one person or to a group of them. Aerobics instructors have to be constantly working with people, for this reason they must possess excellent communication activities, easy going, active and the of course being in an excellent physical condition.

To work as an aerobics instructor, first at all you need take as many aerobics classes as possible in order for you to learn a variety of aerobics styles. Even when it is not a must, it is a really good idea to obtain a certification; it was not required in the past, however nowadays the majority of the best fitness facilities ask for it. Being a certified aerobics instructor will increase your possibilities of getting a job. Aerobics instructors get paid by hour, the average amount is about $14 per hour. Professionals who develop innovative aerobics techniques obviously can earn more (about 20 to 25 dollars per hour).

Athletic trainer: An athletic trainer is a health professional who treats all type of sports injuries. Their main functions are: injury prevention, trauma rehabilitation and immediate care provision. To work as an athletic trainer, the professional must at least have a bachelor's degree in the field from an accredited college. Take extra courses in therapeutic exercise, nutrition, human anatomy, etc is also advisable. Once you finish studying, you have to obtain the license from the state you will work in, once you get it you are free to work.

Athletic trainers can work in a variety of industries, and the salary they receive varies according to the industry. For example professionals working in the colleges or universities are the ones who receive the least; they earn an average salary of $35 thousand per year. The professionals working in public schools have a different situation because they can make more than $42 thousand per year.

Trainer: As the name says, the function of a trainer is to train a person or a group of people in a sport discipline, trainers usually trains a person or a team which that is or will be participating in a competition. To work as a trainer an especial certification is not necessary; however the person has to take courses in the specialization he/she is going to teach. Remember that in sports the rules and techniques are constantly changing. For this reason trainers have to take refresher courses from time to time.

Even when it is not a must, it is a really good idea to get certified; nowadays there are a lot of institutions which can offer a trainer certification. This will also help you get a better job and as a result a better salary. Usually the most prepared professionals are the ones who work in schools, universities or private sport intuitions, these places are the ones which pay the most, the hourly salary they give is between 20 to 35 dollars the hour. Private trainers have a different situation, they can be underpaid about $12 per hour, nevertheless they can also be overpaid, getting salaries of up to 50 dollars for only hour of work.

Regardless the sports service you provide, it is important to have a CPR and First AID certification, this information is very important and have to be added in your resume. If you have doubts about how to make your resume, take a look at the examples provided here.

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