Software Development resume templates

Software development consists in the development and implementation of software systems and applications which make computers work or execute determinate tasks automatically. Software professionals work in a variety of organizations, developing new systems software or applications or modifying and correcting the existing ones.

There are a variety of software professionals, each one of them specializes in a specific field. Some of them are:

  • System developer
  • Software development manager
  • QA test engineer
  • Programmer engineer
  • Software engineer
  • Visual Basic developer
  • Webmaster

Even when the specializations are different, most of the professionals involved in the software development field have these kind of tasks:

  • The gathering of information, to do this the professional has to evaluate, how the organization works in order to define actors, entities, attributes, etc for the system.
  • The creation of flowcharts and use case diagrams, it means to create algorithms the software will use.
  • Program's code. At this process, the professional writes all the necessaries codes to create the programs; it is done in the languages required by the client.
  • Testing programs; after the software is ready, there is a trail period, during this time the professional sees how well the software works, and take notes of mistakes or failures which will be solved later.
  • The Documentation; the professional has to create a document indicating how the software works and what exactly it does.
  • Maintenance, in order to avoid errors during all the time it is functioning.

To become a software development professional, it is necessary a lot of preparation. However, it is possible to work on this field being a self-learner or having a community college preparation, nevertheless finding a job will be a lot more difficult than for professionals who for example have a bachelor or master's degree. There are hundreds of universities in the USA, however some of the most recognized ones are:

  • Harvard University, located in Cambridge, Massachusetts.
  • Princeton University, it has its locations in Princeton, New Jersey.
  • Yale University, with installations in New Haven, Connecticut
  • Stanford University, located in Stanford, California.
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology, it is in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

These universities offer degrees in Software Engineering, Information Technology or Computer Engineer, among other related to the field. Check out some resume templates:

All the careers related to software development offer a very attractive salary, the average salary is between 45 and 85 thousand dollars. Nevertheless, professionals with more than 20 years experience can make over $100 thousand in a year. As you can see, experience influences a lot in the salary. For this reason, recent graduate professionals can work as freelancers for some time, in order to gain some experience and apply to better jobs later.

When you apply for a job position in a company, the first thing to do is to present your resume. This resume must have all your working experience (only the one related to the field), it is also important to enumerate all the qualifications and technical skills you posses (programming language, BD motors, etc). If you still have some doubts about how to make a resume sample, check the following examples.