Social Work resume template

Social work is done by private institutions or the government in order to improve the living conditions of people with low resources or who are facing a problem. The social work looks for the social welfare of all the people regardless the economic situation they have. The function of the people involved in the social work (social workers) is to find ways to improve the quality of life of each human being, especially children.

Even when it is not exactly a social work, daycare workers perform an important role in society. Day care workers take care of babies or children during the day, especially when their parents are at work. Sometimes, this term is confused with babysitting, babysitter take occasional care of an infant, nevertheless it is a good idea for people who want to become a day care worker to start as a babysitter, because in this way they can get experience as well as references, this two things are very important to get a job in the field.

Day care professionals should receive some preparation (even when is not a must), because this preparation is considered when employers review resumes. The best way of becoming a day care worker is by following the steps provided below:

1. Obtain a certificate as a babysitter. These types of degrees are offered in hospital and are usually pretty short.

2. Get a CPR certifies. It can be obtain in a local hospital.

3. Get some experience by working as babysitter. Try to work for different people but for long periods of time, so that they can later give references about you.

4. Do volunteer work, taking care of babies, children or old people. It can be done in hospitals, churches, orphans, etc.

5. Prepare a resume that shows your skills and qualifications, especially the ones related which children. Also mention all the certifications and degrees you have (even if they are not related with the field). In the resume you have to add your references too, this is very important because people will need to hear about how you do your job before actually hiring you.

6. Present your resume at the day care offices. Sometimes, it may take a while before you get chosen, that is normal, so do not get desperate.

7. Even when it is not mandatory, getting a degree in psychology or nursing. It is not necessary to be a bachelor's degree; an associate degree's would be enough. Having any these degrees will give you an advantage over your competitors.

The salary of day care workers goes from 10 to 20 dollars per hour. However, in cases when the child or children have a psychical or mental problem the salary increases, it can go up to $26 for each hour of work. The salary also increases in the case care worker have to take care of several children at the same time. The normal number of children is one or two, more than that it is considered as an extraordinary situation and a new salary negotiation has to be done.

Resumes for Social Work