Selling resume templates

Selling means to exchange products or services for an amount of money or its equivalent. Selling is also the labor of some people in which they have to persuade someone to buy the product or service they are offering. Sells are done by sell agents or sales representatives; they usually do this action on behalf of a company or somebody else. However working as a sales agent is not easy a lot of skills are required, some of the main requirements to be a sales agent are:

  • The most important all, posses a natural sell talent.
  • The person must be outgoing and extrovert.
  • Patience, perseverance and persuasive skills are fundamental too.
  • Being direct and honest, a good seller should never lie.
  • In-depth knowledge of the product /service you are offering.
  • Being good with numbers and a fast decision-maker.
  • Keep updated with the latest market changes.
  • Posses some financial knowledge.
  • Being organized, independent and capable of working under pressure.

There are several types of sales workers, each one of them has different obligations. These are some of the main sales positions: sales agents, sales representatives, general sales managers, sales support administrators, ticket agent, among others. For entry sales positions a college degree is not obligatory, however if you want to advance and obtain management positions, certifications they will help you achieve that. Degrees in marketing, business management, communications and public relations are good alternatives. If want to dedicate to a specific field as pharmaceutical, insurance or medical you will to prepare yourself about this fields too.

To obtain higher positions in the sales industry a degree in a related field is necessary, nevertheless experience is necessary, for this reason it is recommendable to start with lower positions in this way you will gain the necessary experience to carry out all the management functions correctly. It is also very important to take some public-speaking courses because you will have to talk with a lot of people. Another important fact is the languages knowledge, there will be opportunities in which you will have to communicate with people from other countries, for these reason being familiar with a couple of languages is a very good idea to have an advantage over other competitors, these be mainly used if you want to apply to a big company which has operations around the globe.

The salary of the sales workers depends on the positions they have. The ones who receive the most are the sales managers; their salary ranges from $55,000 to $150,000 per year, as it obvious the type of company where they work influence on it, manages in small stores earn the less, while the ones who work for large companies or which have several branch offices receive higher payments. On the other hand sales representative make a lot less, their minimum salary is 30 thousand dollar while the best paid do not pass the $55,000. We can also mention ticket sales agents; the payment they receive is usually not higher than 40 000 dollars per year.

Below we are offering a variety of resume samples which can help you design yours in a correct way.