Secretarial Services resume templates

Reporters and the clerks belong to this field. Their roles will be described in this section. In general, both of them need to have great organization skills in order to perform well. Other than that, their skills are actually too different to establish a similarity between both of them. Let's talk about the roles of clerks and court reporters each:

Clerks: They will need to be patient because they will be dealing with clients all time. This means that they will be greeting them, and they must be willing to answer any type of question or complaint that comes from the customers. This will leave a good impression about the company to the customers who will be glad to stay there while they are waiting for someone or something else. Of course, their work as clerks is more specific, they also schedule appointments because their employers do not have the time to arrange appointments inside and outside the company.

Clerks also attend the phone and write reports when needed. They also write dictated letters and send them to their respective receivers. They may perform some bookkeeping duties but these are often given to accountants; however, clerks can perform simple bookkeeping if it is necessary. The effectiveness of a clerk is often measured by how much time it saves to their employers/supervisors.

If you are wondering about the skills that a clerk must have, these are:

  • Strong communication skills.
  • Typing skills.
  • Good accounting skills.
  • Must be able to follow instructions clearly.
  • Courteous attitude.

Court reporters: Court reporters basically type verbatim that is said in the courts. This is why a court reporter needs to pay attention at all times. If you plan to be a court reporter, you need to excel several tests that evaluate your typing skills. These tests are simply complicated, and it takes a lot of time and effort to pass it. It is said that the percentages of court reporting students is too small because the tests are just too hard. In your resume, you should include the number of words per minute that you can type.

As a court reporter, you need to have good written and spoken skills, and pay attention to all details. You can apply to court reporting associations in order to give some value to your resume. These associations have several requirements, and it is your mission to fulfill them. These are the three court reporting associations:

  • The National Court Reporters Association- 225 words per minute
  • The National Verbatim Reporters Association- 250 words per minute
  • American Association of Electronic Reporters and Transcribers- An accurate 98% on transcriptions.

You can also apply to other certifications if you want to.

Let's suppose that you want to be a court reporter or a clerk. You are in the right section because this is where you will find secretarial services resume templates that will help you to redact a resume correctly. Determine your objective and state it on your resume. Those who perform secretarial services are often performing several tasks at the same time.

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