School Teaching resume templates

In order to build a solid school teaching resume, you should take into account various factors: your work methodology, the subject that you're teaching, your level of experience and your education. Your employer will want to know how much work experience you've had, and if you have an extensive work background, you have a good possibility to be hired as a teacher. You must tell your hiring manager how enthusiastically you have worked in these years. Explain your teaching methods in the work background section. Explain your capacity to teach all sorts of topics and about your successfulness in helping students to ace classes that were difficult to them.

Talk about your counseling process because teachers are also guides for students. Talk about how you've motivated students in every step of the learning process. Talk about how you've established the expectations for your students, how you motivate your students and how you've managed all your work as a teacher. Try to remember that your resume is some sort of evaluation that allows you to have a job interview if it is impressive enough.

If you don't have any experience, we suggest that you seek jobs as a teacher's assistant or as a substitute teacher. Some of the skills that you can add to your resume may be:

  • Ability to teach specific subjects (You should name which ones.)
  • Organization and planning skills.
  • Excellent Communication skills.
  • Problem solving skills.
  • Ability to provide support and advice to the students.
  • Leadership skills.

Counselors also work in elementary and secondary schools. They can give advices for emotional issues, but they can also give advices about any academic issues. If you are planning to work as a counselor, remember to include your listening and critical thinking skills. You are supposed to act as a problem-solver, and your hiring manager wants to know if you can actually manage all the duties that are assigned to a counselor.

Whether you'd like to be a teacher or a counselor for an elementary school, middle school or high school, you would need to have a lot of patience as well as to take courses like math, English, child psychology, etc. It is important to apply to volunteering programs in order to acquire experience. Check our school teaching resume templates.

Resumes for School Teaching