Print Publishing resume templates

Print Publishing is the business of producing printed media (books, magazines, newspapers, among others) with the purpose of distributing or selling them. Before actually publishing a book, there are several stages which must be followed, these stages are part of a process called pre-production, and they are:

Stage 1: The editorial stage, once the decision of publishing a book is taken, the author might be asked to make some changes to the work. After that the work has to be reviewed, that is where textbook editors are required.

A book editor is the professional who reviews books; they have to make sure that the spelling, grammar and content of a manuscript are correct and according to the author and the company's specifications. Book editors have also to make sure that the text transmit the idea desired and that it can be understandable by everybody.

To work as a book editor a bachelor's degree in English, literary, journalism or media are required. However, if you want to work in a specific field as science, medicine, politics, etc, you will also need preparation in the disciplines.

Stage 2: The design stage, in this process the manuscript is prepared to the publishing. At this stage, it is possible to select and define aspects as fonts, font sizes, images, designs, page layouts, column justification, colors, cover designs, etc, to sum up is the stage in which is decide how will the book look. This work is usually done by desktop publishers.

Desktop publishers use a variety of computer programs in order to edit the way a printed publication (books, magazines, brochures, catalogs, business and presentation cards, etc.) will look. Nevertheless, desktop publishers do not only work with printed material, they also work with website materials. There is not a desktop publisher degree, however computer knowledge is necessary, for this reason having a degree in graphic design, computer science, graphic arts or graphic communication will be necessary.

Stage 3: The sales and marketing stage, after the book is published, it has to be promoted around the media, in order for the good to be known by the public.

As you can see the process for print publishing is not easy, a lot of time is needed and also several professionals have to intervene on it. If you are one of these professionals take a look at the resume examples provided in this page, they will help you to improve your own resume.

Resumes for Print Publishing