Management resume templates

Management is the activity of directing a company or any type of institution. The functions of the management department of an organization are: planning, organizing, staffing, directing, scheduling and controlling the workers, as well as the resources of the complete organization or of one of its department. Managers do all these activities with the purpose of ensuring the accomplishment of the goals the institution set.

There are managers that specialize in specific industries, for example, operation managers, customer service managers, project managers, accounts managers, marketing managers, sales managers, HR managers, advertising managers, administrative managers, payroll managers, etc.

Becoming a manager is not easy; it is necessary a lot of preparation and to develop a number of skills. Due to the several responsibilities managers have, they must possess a variety of skills in order to do those activities successfully. A good manager must:

  • Be organized, analytical and detail-oriented.
  • Be able to take fast decisions, even under pressure.
  • Have excellent communicational and interpersonal skills.
  • Be capable of motivating employees and making them feel comfortable.
  • Possess good problem-solving skills and be a good listener.

Besides the previously mentioned qualifications, managers need at least a bachelor's degree to work in companies. This degree must be in the specialization they have chosen. Besides that, taking courses in psychology, human resources and financial fields is a good idea if you want to have better employment opportunities. Nevertheless, if what you are looking are high positions in a company, then you need two things, more than ten years experience and a master's degree in management with concentration in the field you want to work in. There are some universities which offer management degrees which are recognized around the world, they are:

  • Harvard University: this private university offers a management degree with concentration in a variety of fields as HR, accounting, finance, marketing, etc. Harvard has its campus in Boston, Massachusetts. The business program of this university is considered as the number one of the USA.
  • Stanford University; it is located in Stanford, California. This university offers several management undergraduate and graduate degrees.
  • The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania; its locations are in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. This university offers a Bachelor of Science in Economics with concentration in management.

Your resume must show all the skills you have, even though it must not be too long. Below you will find several resume samples which show how to write a short resume but listing all your qualifications and skills.