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Information technology plays a crucial role in businesses. Information Technology deals with the use of computers, computer systems and applications, as well as with storage, transmission and use the information of a business or organization. Usually the professionals responsible for the development and implementation of IT business strategies are the Chief Information Officers (CIO).

The role that business strategies professionals play in a company is very important because they guarantee that all the information technology system works correctly, and if it is not, they have to adopt measurements in order to solve it. They also have to report the results of its operations to superiors (Chief executive officer or chief operations officers). IT business strategists plan, design and develop information technology systems.

Professionals who develop IT business strategies are:

  • Analytical: Because they have to analyze how the company works and develop a system according to the requirements of the institution.
  • Communicative: They have to be in constant communication with other users of the system in order to see what their reaction about the system is.
  • Problem solving: These professionals are the responsible of the complete functioning of the IT system, if something fails; they are the ones who have to solve it, as fast as possible.

The responsibilities that an information officer has are many, for this reason, they receive a very attractive salary. As in all professions, workers with little experience are the ones who receive the least; they make about 100 thousand dollars per year. Professionals with more than 15 years of experience have a different situation, they can receive over $250 000 in a year. There are also the ones who work at huge and multinational corporations; their annual salary exceeds the 300 thousand. However, getting one of these jobs is very difficult.

To become an IT business strategy, the first step to achieve this is by getting a bachelor's degree in computer or information science, management information systems, computer engineering or any related field. After that you can get a master's degree (even when is not mandatory, most of the employers ask for it). Some of the most important ones are:

  • Masters in Information Systems Management (MISM) in Walden University.
  • MBA in Computer and Information Security in North Central University.
  • Masters in Enterprise Software Architecture in Capella University.
  • Master of Science degree in network engineering University of Santa Clara.
  • Master in System Development Management in Strayer University.
  • Master of Engineering in the Stevens Institute of Technology in Hoboken.
  • Master of Network Engineering Illinois Institute of Technology.

Additional courses in management, administration, programming languages, accounting, finance, and marketing are also a good way of gaining extra bonuses over other competitors. All these certifications, as well as the working experience you have to be included in your resume. Regardless how much certifications and experience you have, do not make your resume too long, avoid useless details and do not add, information which is not related with the field.

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