Human Resources Management resume templates

If you are interested in placing the best individuals within a company, you will do well in working as a human resources manager. Of course, your job isn't limited to the hiring of new job candidates; so, you will need to include more information about several assignments that a human resource manager is supposed to handle. Talk about your knowledge in handling complaints, policies, auditing, etc. Auditing is certainly one of the most complicated assignments of a hiring manager because he/she has to verify that the company has complied with all the local and national laws.

Depending on your level of responsibilities, you may even approve new ads that request potential job candidates, and to conduct several background checks. Since there are a lot of hiring managers that act as consultants, it is an important idea to talk about your listening skills and your capacity to advise people. Sometimes you will be helpful to department managers that request your advices in the hiring of potential candidates for a specific title. Talk about how you've ensured that the employers feel comfortable within the workplace, and if you've pursued any disciplinary measures.

Depending on your level of experience, you may earn a salary that ranges between $35,000 and 91,000. If you are working in consulting, you may earn $76,000. If you are working as a general hiring manager, you will earn $82,000. If you are a support specialist, you may earn around $57,000 and if you are involved in training and development, you may earn around $88,000. Working in occupational health and safety enables you to earn a salary of around $100,000.

Now, if you are interested in extending your career in Human Resources, consider applying to these schools:

  • Canisius College, Buffalo NY: Evening MBA.
  • Elmhurst College, Elmhurst, IL: Master of Arts in Industrial/Organizational Psychology.
  • Drexel University- Sacramento, Sacramento, CA: M.S in Human Resource Development.
  • University of Wisconsin- Stout, Menomonie, WI: M.S Training & Human Resource Development.

Human resources management is about making sure that the employees are fulfilling the goals and objectives of the companies and to make sure that the employees are working in the most stable work environment and to check that they're receiving job benefits as it was states. Check our creative human resources management resume templates now.

Resumes for Human Resources Management