Emergency Services resume templates

Most people do not work on weekends or holidays, however there are others who never rest, they work all year round even during holidays and especial celebrations (mother's day, birthdays, etc.). Who are they? Well, they are emergency workers. As the name says, emergency workers are the ones who protect all the citizens by attending them during any type of emergency they have. There are several types of emergency professionals as: paramedics, firefighters, fire chief, emergency dispatchers, etc.

People who work in the emergency field have to do a lot of sacrifices, they do not only work during the 365 days of the year, but they also work for many hours during the day, sometimes even when their shift is over. Also if there is an emergency and the department has a lack of personnel, they have to work, even if they are on their free day.

As you can see professionals who work in the emergency field, have to face a lot of difficulties, because as a matter of fact it is a very challenging career, however it is also very rewarding and can provide a variety of satisfactions which cannot be achieved working in other careers. The satisfactions are mainly in the personal or professional aspects, unfortunately and even when the salary for emergency services providers in the USA is one of the highest of the world, it is not as high as it should be. For example the average salary of a fire fighter in the USA is of $45,000 per year, while paramedics receive a little less about $35,000 in the same period of time. Nevertheless, in the case of paramedics the salary can increase as long as the professional gains experience and certifications.

If you are planning to work in the emergency services field, it is necessary for you to think it through because these careers are not for everybody, they require a lot of preparation and sacrifice. Before considering this field, analyze if you are:

  • Brave, generous and calm.
  • In excellent physical condition.
  • Capable of working under pressure.
  • Not afraid of heights, water, fire, etc.

Besides the personal requirements, to become an emergency professional it is also necessary to:

  • Have a high school diploma.
  • Pass a drug test and a physical examination.
  • Have some medical training; the EMS (Emergency Medical Services) is the minimum requirement.
  • Obtain the cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) certification.
  • Possess an in-depth knowledge of the equipment used by the department.
  • Being certified by the state (only in some professions).

In the exclusive case of the paramedics, they need a more extensive knowledge of medical procedures, for this reason taking medicine courses is highly recommended.

If you have all the skills required and you feel interested about this fascinating field, do not wait any longer; apply to an emergency services job. Remember that preparing a good resume is the first step to succeed in this industry, in order to solve all your doubts take a look at the examples below.

Resumes for Emergency Services