Distribution resume templates

Distribution is a commercial activity in which producers transport the goods they produce in order to sell them to consumers. The distribution process depends on the type of company and also in the type of product it offers. During this process, many people participate developing a variety of actions as checking the quality of the product, doing all the arrangements, preparing the documentation, keep the inventory, etc.

There are several workers involved in distribution process, each one has different responsibilities according to the position they have. For example the postal worker, they process all type of correspondence (mails or packages). Postal workers usually work for United State Postal Service; however other types of companies (specially the big ones) hire these professionals too. A postal worker picks up the correspondence, sorts it and delivers it to the appropriate place (or department in the case of companies). Sometimes, they are responsible of collecting money, weighting packages, selling stamps or other postal supplies, etc. To become a postal worker all you need is a high schools diploma, specific degrees are not required. About the payment, the average salary they received is of $40 thousand per year.

Other workers involved in the distribution process are the shipping and receiving clerks, it is considered as an entry level job because the salaries are kind of low; however it is because to get a job a specific degree is not a must. The main obligations of shipping and receiving clerks are:

  • Prepare the orders of the customers for the shipment.
  • When products arrive, unpack it and verify that the all the products are in good shape.
  • Negotiate replacements with the vendors in case a problem is damaged.
  • Record data and generate bills about each shipment.
  • Arrange with vendors the inbound of products.

In the distribution field, the worker who has the highest position is the distribution manager. A distribution manager has several responsibilities and they usually work along with marketing managers. Some of the responsibilities of the distributions managers are:

  • Supervise the quality and quantity of the goods.
  • Train and assign tasks to the new staff members.
  • Track and manage inventory.
  • Solve inquiries and complains and give them a proper solution.
  • Track the delivery process and ensure the deliver process is done in a timely manner.
  • Make sure the products reach the market on time.

To become a distribution manager, it is necessary to at least have an associate degree in management, business administration or logistics and distribution. However, it is important to kwon that this degree will not be really useful when applying to large companies, they usually ask for bachelor's or master's degrees. The annual media salary for these professionals is of 80 thousand dollars per year. The type of company and the year of experience also influence it. Distribution managers who started in lower positions are the ones who have higher salaries because they are the ones who have more experience.

In order to make your search job easy, we provided you some samples of resumes which can instruct you about how to make yours correctly.