Database Development resume templates

A database is an organized collection of data, saved in a computer system which can be easily accessed and used by allowed users. Knowing this, we can say that a database developer is the person who develops necessary applications for the functionality of the database. In current days, database developers can work in a variety of industries as the financial, health care, consulting, etc, they are even required in governmental institutions.

To become a DB developer, there are no specific requirements, some professionals are self-learners, others have a community college degree, while others have a bachelor's degree. However, the ones preferred by employers, are the ones who hold a master's degree or who have several specialization courses. Remember that the specialization is a plus, because even when you specialize in a database motor (Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, My SQL, SQLite, IBM DB2, Microsoft Access, etc) you must know all of them.

There are several ways of becoming a database developer. The easiest is by getting a 1-year certification from a technical school. Other possible way is by getting a 2- year degree from a community college. And finally, there is the bachelor's degree from a college (it is the most recommended). Regardless what certification you have, you have to make sure that it is from an accredited institution. There are some which are the most recognized:

  • Stanford University: located in Stanford, California.
  • Rochester Institute of Technology: located in Rochester, New York.
  • University of California—Berkeley: located in Berkeley, California.
  • North Carolina Agricultural & Technical State University: located in Greensboro, North Carolina.

There is a lot of completion in this field, for this reason, it is important to be well-prepared. Besides having a degree, it is a good idea to take extra courses. For example Microsoft offers a variety of certifications in SQL. Oracle also offers a variety of certifications too.

The use of technology is now universal; it is used in the entire world and by almost everybody. Thanks to this, the number of job positions in this field will increase in about 37% in the following years. Database developers have an average salary of 80 thousand per year. However, recent graduates receive less (about $35 thousand).

Database administrators, data analysts and data processors belong to this list. They all must primarily have computer skills. Data processors record, verify and report information, data analysts examine the information and data administrators supervise that new databases are installed successfully, among other things. Check our database development resume templates.