Creative Design resume templates

Creative design applies to different areas such as interior design and graphic design. You must know a series of subjects that are pertinent to your field of work. Interior designers, for example, need to learn a lot about design and decoration. If you're an interior designer that has an extensive work experience, you will be able to earn the trust of your employer in order to design the place according to your own sense of aesthetics, and effective use of space. Regardless of if you're specialized in spatial branding, commercial design, residential design, hospitality design or exhibition design, you should write a resume that explains your ability to work excellently as an interior designer.

You should also emphasize your knowledge about building codes, AutoCAD programs, economics, etc. Your listening and critical thinking skills will be also evaluated because you are supposed to meet all the requirements placed by the customers when it comes to designing places. Even though you will probably handle different responsibilities, we will post a list of probable responsibilities that should be included in your resume (that is, if you have performed them in previous jobs.) If you have any other relevant skills that should be included in your resume, don't hesitate to do so.

  • Ability to choose colors, furniture, fabric, style for specific room.
  • Suggestion of art pieces.
  • Obtaining building permits.
  • Restoration skills.
  • Drawing or computer modeling skills.

Graphic design is also another part of creative design. As you can easily conclude, it requires a lot of creativity and a lot of computer skills. Whether you're interested in developing logos, creating advertisements, or making publications for newspaper, magazines or blogs, you should be able to build a resume that points out your most strongest skills as a graphic designer. We will now talk about some skills that are needed in the life of any graphic designer:

  • Typography
  • Page Layout
  • Visual Arts
  • Interface design
  • Printmaking
  • User experience design

This is the list of interesting graduate schools that you can attend:

  • Digital Media Arts College, Boca Raton, FL (Master of Fine Arts in Web Design, Master of Fine Arts in Visual Effects Animation.)
  • The Art Institutes, Dallas TX (Master of Arts in Design and Media Management.)
  • Touro College, New York, NY (Master of Arts in Web &Multimedia Design.)
  • Endicott College, Beverly, MA (Master of Fine Arts in Interior Design.)
  • Soetheby's Institute of Art-New York, New York, NY ( Master's degree in Interior Design.)

It is exciting to belong to the world of creative design. A designer needs to sell his/her ideas in order to convince that they can do what their employers are looking for. A portfolio is not enough; this is why you need to check our creative design resume templates in order to see how your resume could look like. Use them just as a guide.

Resumes for Creative Design