Computer Systems resume templates

Nowadays, computers are present almost everywhere and are used for almost everything. During the last decades, the computer field has had a significant growth, as a consequence of this, the employment opportunities in this field has grown as well. We can now find a variety of computer specializations as: computer system administrator, computer engineer, computer programmer, database administrator, etc.

Due to the many specializations which now exist, there are many employment opportunities for computer professionals, however there is also a fierce competition. Computer is considered as a lucrative career, and unlike other industries, its demand is likely to increase. Those are the main reason why many people are studying it.

To work in the computer industry, people must have at least a bachelor's degree in the specialization they prefer. However and due to the strong competition, professionals with a master degree are capable of getting a job faster, and they are also are better paid. Nevertheless, the degree you have is not the only fact considered by employers, they also pay a lot of attention on where you got the degree, for this reason before choosing a place to study, you have to think it growth. Some of the universities with the best computer programs are:

  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology: located in Cambridge, Massachusetts.
  • Stanford University: it has its installations in Stanford, California.
  • University of California—Berkeley: the computer science campus is in Berkeley, California.

These three universities offer Bachelor's, Master's and even doctorate degree. Having a certification from any of them, will give you an advantage when looking for a job.

No matter how profit this career is, it is not for everybody, which is why before applying to any computer school, you have to be sure that it is what you really want. Computer system careers are not easy; besides the extensive preparation needed, you will constantly need to take courses in order to be updated with the latest technologies developed.

A computer system professional must be able of designing and creating new computer systems and applications. To achieve this, the person must be very analytical and detail-oriented; also computer system professionals have to possess decision-making and troubleshooting skills. And last but not least, the person must also have excellent communication skills, because they will have to present and explain the work they did to their superiors and/or clients.

All the skills mentioned above, have to be highlight in your cv. Remember that when you make a template, it has to be short (no more than two pages) and catchy. The purpose of the cv is to make the employer feel interested about you, and not the opposite. Writing a good resume is not easy, for this reason, we offer you a variety of resumes which can be use as models for your own resume.