Catering Management resume templates

If you are interested in the world of catering, it is fundamental to have organization skills. It is the first thing that your hiring manager will want to evaluate. Whether you are planning to organize small or large events, you should basically focus your resume on the organization of events according to the specific requests of the customers. You should talk about your capacity to attend all types of events; try to gain as much experience as possible in attending events such as weddings, family reunions, barbeques, parties, corporate events, etc.

It is important to be as versatile as possible. Point out other skills such as your capacity to schedule, to plan menus and music, to order different items, to offer an excellent customer service that delivers everything that the customers are requested within the time specified. Talk about your management skills in case you are planning to manage an entire caterer staff. Talk about your knowledge in services such as rental arrival time, staff arrival time, bar open time, meal serve time, bar close time, rental pickup, out of venue time. Talk about menu considerations and anything else that you are able to manage as a caterer.

Depending on your job position, your salary may vary. For instance, there are directors of catering that earn an amount of $42,000. A catering sales manager may earn around $31,000. The average salary for a usual caterer is of $37,000. A banquet manager tends to earn $36,000. Talking about chefs, chefs earn $47,000 approximately. Indeed the salaries may rise if the individuals have an extensive experience.

If you like to manage events, it is no wonder that you would like to work as a caterer. Caterers are very organized, and they must be creative. Caterers recommend clients a wide range of services that are necessary in an event (flowers, music, etc.) You will see a list of catering management resume templates below, templates you can print, download and send to somebody, please choose:

Resumes for Catering Management