Broadcast Media Production resume templates

Broadcasting consists in the distribution of video and audio content trough a communication medium as radio or television. Broadcast media consists in the presentation and transmission of news to the general public. In this field, many professionals are involved, some are: reporters, animators, graphic designers, set designers, producers, etc.

Probably of all the professionals previously mentioned, producers are the ones who have bigger responsibilities because they have to supervise that the rest of the team perform their obligations correctly. A producer is the decision-maker of a show, he/she has to take all the final decisions about every aspect of the show. Since decisions are taken by them, they will have to deal with the consequences, whether they are positive or negative.

To obtain a job in the broadcasting media production business, the person needs a bachelor's degree in Media or in a related discipline. However do not expect to get a producer job as soon as you finish school, as a matter of fact, you will have to work your way up, and in the first years of your career you might work as a production assistant. In this way you will gain experience and apply later to better job positions.

The salary of the people working in the Broadcasting media production field varies according to the size of the company.

  • Small stations pay a lot less than the bigger ones; this is why they usually hire professionals with little experience. This type of companies does not pay more than $35 thousand per year.
  • Middle-sized companies pay a little more, between 39 and 49 thousand dollar per year. It is also necessary to mention that to enter to this type of companies, due to the large competition, it is necessary to have a master's degree in the field.
  • The annual salary large stations or network newscasts offer can exceed the $70, 000, however for people to enter to these companies, they require a lot of experience and to have several successful projects.

When you are applying for a job, a list of your most successful projects and achievements have to be included in your resume. Remember that you only have to list them do not include details. Check out the resume samples below.

Resumes for Broadcast Media Production