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Find here our collection with the most common resume templates for all types of jobs. They're grouped by professional categories so then you can easily access to any of them, regardless of the job position to which you may want to apply. All of them were written carefully because we are aware of how each job position demands a different writing approach. We hope that our resume templates help to give you some insight about how you should write a resume properly.

Remember, a concisely written resume increases your chances of obtaining a job!


Administration resume templates must be carefully redacted. They must primarily enhance the administrator's capacity to handle all aspects of a business without destabilizing the company itself. Of course, they should include other duties that are relevant to the job of an administrator. Administration, as a profession hasn't stopped being important, and as long as there are businesses everywhere, it will be necessary to have administrators who can manage them.

Advertising, marketing and PR

If you are interested in gaining the interest and trust of the customers, you may work in advertising, marketing or public relations. Most often you would need to have a general idea of what it is the kind of public that will be the most interested in purchasing the products of your company. You will be developing several strategies that will be employed in order to sell a product or to create an image of the company that you are working for.

Animal and Plant Resources

If you are interested in animals or animal care, and you'd like to send a resume to a company where you will be dealing with animals, this section is the right one for you. You may work as a zoologist in general or work in a specific zoology field such as ethology (study of animal behavior,) for example. You may be working in a zoo or a wildlife reserve, depending on what you exactly would like to do.

Animal Care

Charity and Voluntary Work

Volunteering is probably one of the most generous activities in the world because those who spend time volunteering do not receive any type of payment in exchange. There are many types of volunteering: volunteering in developing countries, environmental volunteering, virtual volunteering, emergency volunteering, volunteering in schools, corporate volunteering, community volunteering, etc. Check the charity and voluntary work resume templates that are included below in order to have an idea of how a resume is usually written.

Charity administration

Construction and Property

There are many construction jobs everywhere. If you are interested in designing, placing, constructing or managing a building, you certainly need to review these construction and property resume templates that are posted below. A building may be a house, an apartment, a business office, a condominium, etc. We could say that the buildings can be divided in: educational buildings, government buildings, industrial buildings, commercial buildings, residential buildings, storage buildings, agricultural buildings, and so on.

Creative Arts and Design

The world of creative arts and design is simply alluring. Even though it would take too many lines to mention who are those that belong to this field, we can include some of them such as photographers, graphic designers, interior designers, clothing designers, animators, hair stylists and so on. It takes a lot of practice to master certain skills, and to have a mind that can absorb new styles. In most of the cases, it is necessary to have a portfolio.


The world of education is constantly evolving. It has always been important to have selective teachers and counselors who can take care of children and teach them about any subject that are pertinent to the cultural knowledge of the children who will eventually use this information to develop well in real life. It is important to create the most effective teaching method because each child is different.

School teaching

Engineering, manufacturing and production

Engineers can actually work in different industries: electrical, mechanical, civil, chemical, industrial, aerospace, etc. It takes a lot of training since they must have an extensive knowledge of the field in which they are planning to perform. It is ideal to join an association in order to enhance engineering, manufacturing and production resume templates. Manufacturing/Production also covers many industries: automotive, chemicals, electronics, etc. The idea is to create products that could be finally sold to the market.


It is important to have a genuine care for the environment in order to apply for environment-related job positions. There are hundreds of environmental jobs, entry-level and professional jobs that involve recycling, organic farming, environmental infrastructure repair, department of environmental protection, water conservation, alternative energy, etc. People can do something good by contributing to the well development of the environment itself. There are some job positions that do not require a degree while there are others that require at least, a bachelor's degree.

Environment management

Financial management and accountancy

When it comes to financial management and accounting, it is all about managing money and increasing or decreasing costs (depending on the situation.) Strong knowledge about math and finances are a must. A good capacity to act promptly is also something that many companies require from their employees. It is important to pay attention to details as well as great communication skills. There are many financial management and accounting job positions.

Health Care

Many professionals belong to the health care field. These may be dentists, doctors, pharmacists, nurses, dieticians, health care providers, wellness coordinators, etc. Each one of them performs a specific function, and all of them are vital to the health care industry. It takes a lot of training and study because their main role is to take care of the lives of the patients, and this is such an important role.

Hospitality and Events management

People who work in the field of hospitality do a tremendous amount of work. When we talk about hospitality, we do not only include hotel managers but also restaurant managers and other people whose job is to make visitors feel as comfortable as possible. Hotel managers do not only try to satisfy the requests of their customers, they also train employees and establish certain rules. There are many certification programs, associate's degrees and bachelor's degrees in Hospitality Management that are worth taking in order to apply for a job position within the hospitality sector.

Human Resources and Employment

We are aware of the kind of tasks that a human resources manager has to handle, and sometimes, it is not easy to know how to build up a resume that is solid enough to catch the attention of the employer. This is why we have posted a list of human resources and employment resume templates. Human resources managers safeguard the interests of the companies; this is why they must employ the most competent individuals. They also prepare employee handbooks and make sure that the employees follow the rules indicated in the handbook.

Information Services

The field of information services deals with providing the public the information that they are requesting. For instance, there are many types of librarians: music librarians, school librarians, medical librarians, academic librarians, children's librarians, etc. Of course, the type of information that each one of them provide are targeted to a specific audience. The idea is to make information accessible to all types of public. They are usually known for its broad knowledge about diverse books and music.

Information Technology

The world of IT is highly important and profitable nowadays. It is no wonder that there are many people who are currently studying (and have already studied) to work as senior system administrators, database administrators, data analysts, LAN administrators, computer programmers, software development managers, webmasters, etc. Thanks to them, the world of Information technology has been evolving at a rapid pace.

Insurances and Pensions

Whether you are an insurance claims adjuster, an insurance manager or an insurance sales agent, you will find important insurance and pensions resume templates posted here. Hopefully, after reviewing any of these resumes, you will generate new ideas to write a resume by yourself. It is important to be clear when stating your objective because this is one of the most important parts of your resume (along with the work section.)

Insurance sales

Law Enforcement and Protection

This section is for firefighters and detectives, for example. Both have a responsibility with the public; they both protect people and enforce the law. Firefighters do not only extinguish fires; they also promote fire prevention and perform fire inspections. It is one of the most dangerous jobs. For firefighters, it is ideal to obtain some sort of degree besides the training itself, in order to acquire knowledge about management costs.

Emergency services

Legal Professions

These kinds of professions require an extensive and intensive knowledge of the law. These professionals need to have good memory, good analyzing skills, and an ability to handle pressure. We have designed some legal professions resume templates; we intend to help you to develop your own resume successfully. Check them out; do not copy them. Just pay attention to the format and to the way that the words are used.

Ancillary legal professionals

Leisure, Sports and Tourism

The sports and recreation sector is one of the most active around the world. Sports services may include instructors; these instructors may train customers to master a specific sports activity or to help them reach to a specific body condition. They also help people to recover from injuries or tell them how to prevent one. These instructors need to have a degree in athletic training. Sometimes sports trainers work with doctors who recommend the necessary amount and type of activity that people must perform.

Management and Statistics

A company needs to be operated efficiently in order to raise profits. For that, it needs management consultants who help business owners to cultivate values such as leadership and stability. Their advices are highly valued, and this is why they are often hired by many companies. Management consultants do not only have to know about finances; they must also know the kind of company that is requiring its elemental services.

Media and Broadcasting

There are many media and broadcasting jobs nowadays. For instance, broadcast producers make sure that the shows are running well. They also create schedules, choose the place to film, and they are also in charge of the content. They may also take coordinating roles. Set designers do something quite different. They prepare the scenery regardless of if it is a TV set, movie set, theater stage, etc. Set designers usually work along with other people.

Performing Arts

The world of performing arts is formed by musicians, actors, disc jockeys, etc. They all are known for its creativity, for its inventive ways to act, sing, compose and do music. Their jobs actually depend on how much audience they gain since their compromise is with the public. When they work, they do it publicly. Musicians, for instance, must know about different types of music, mixing notes, anything that is related to the world of music.

Publishing and Journalism

If you'd like to work in the publishing world, you must take into account that what it's important here is the amount of experience that you have acquired at the point of sending your resume to a company. This is why it is usual for journalists, copy writers, text book editors to apply for internships because the amount of experience that they obtain is incredible. Those who want to belong to the industry of publishing and journalism usually start by becoming copywriters.

Retailing, Buying and Selling

If you want to work as a purchasing agent, customer service agent, retail clerk, sales manager or sales representative, it is no wonder that you are looking for retailing, buying and selling resume templates. Purchasing agents are vital for companies that are constantly need supplies and this is why they delegate people to buy items at a low cost. They must also make sure that the companies haven't run out of supplies, and if they have, they must act quickly.

Scientific Services

To work in the Scientific Services sector, it is necessary to know what to do in a lab. Knowledge about science courses is also needed. Most people are required to obtain a bachelor in biology or anything related to science and laboratory management. However, there are jobs that do not require the applicant to have a bachelor's degree. However, if you are looking for an advanced job position, you will need to have a master's degree or a Ph.D.

Scientific technical support

Social Care and Guidance Work

Those who work here often have to deal with people. For instance, day care workers are in charge of children; this means that they must play with children, help them with their homework, and to feed children. All of this demands patience. Community Service is another way of interacting with people. It is also a great way to contribute to the growth of a community. Those who perform community services usually assist the elderly; work at animal shelters and museums, volunteer as firefighters, etc.

Transport, logistics and distribution

Check our transports, logistics and distribution resume templates; there are resumes for postal workers, shipping and receiving jobs, airline managers, flight attendants, pilots and distribution managers. Each one of them performs a specific function, and regardless of the fact that resumes must often follow a specific format, it is necessary to take into account that each resume is written differently because each job position demands different skills and educational degrees.