Resume Objective Statement

While there are people who do not underestimate the importance about resume objective statements, there are others who just copy/paste some statement they find online, and some others do not have any idea about how it should be written. It is important to mention that unless the statement doesn't have any solidness, there are zero chances of obtaining the job that you are applying for.

Resume Objective Statement

You may have a lot of work experience and you may have a good degree, but if you can't exactly convey what you are trying to say, your resume will not be very different from others.

Employers pay attention to resume objective statements because it tells about the personality of the job seeker; it tells them if they are confident enough to go after the job or if they are not apt to handle the characteristics of the body itself. It goes without saying that the statement shouldn't be included in your cover letter; rather, you should put it on the resume itself. You will realize how convincing you can be if you use the right words to explain what you want to be or do.

Regardless of its type, a resume statement must match the job description. Let's suppose that you are a potential journalist but you are applying for the job of an editor. It doesn't make a lot of sense to start by stating that you would like to write articles about the current problems in a specific country. This is actually a job for a foreign correspondent, not a copywriter! The employer will be likely to think that you'd be better working for another company.

A resume objective statement may give the employer the impression that you are highly familiarized with the field. This is important in case you are not applying for an entry-level position where it is a given that you are just starting in the business. Try to give an exceptional focus when writing the statement. Rather than stating that you'd like to work as a copywriter, state that you'd like to increase sales by designing interesting and creative advertisements to market products.

As you can see, it is always about the company, not you. Of course you will be stating about your goals, but you need to explain how you can be an important employee for the company. Ask yourself what you can do to make the company a better business, and then you will be able to redact a solid resume objective statement. Brainstorming takes time and patience.

People who are applying for entry-level jobs or are changing careers should use a resume objective statement. It is ideal not to use personal pronouns. It does not have to be an extensive paragraph, but if it is, make sure that it won't tire the eyes of your employer. Remember, point out your strengths. Make sure that you use the right words. You should be aware of the fact that it is the part where the employers look first. Employers take only 30 seconds to review a resume; so, it is better to take advantage of those 30 seconds!