Two-page Resume Layouts

Applying for a skilled professional position like a university professor or a doctor calls for you to use a resume that goes beyond the simple one-page standards used for other jobs. When your prospective employer expects a professional vitae, published research, graphic illustrations, and much more to be included in your resume, it is vital that you use a two-page resume for your application. You can create a strong, viable, and interesting two-page resume using a 2 page resume template today.

Two-Page Resume Formatting

Unlike job recruiters elsewhere that may scan over a resume quickly, the committee that reviews your resume will delve more deeply into your resume and take their time considering your qualifications. When you want to make sure every pertinent detail is included, you should use one of the two-page resume templates that you can find and download online.

The two-page resume template will walk you through the creation process and prompt you on what details to include. It will suggest vitae and other details that could help you land an interview.

It also will provide you with sample information that you can refer to in case you are unsure of what the template is asking you for during the process. You can then replace that provided sample information with your own details.

Why Use a Resume Template

You may think that, as a professional, that you are above using a template to create a resume. In fact, as a professional, you may lack the time to freehand a resume and instead need to create one quickly and efficiently.

You also may easily overlook information that you should include if you fail to use a template at all. Rather than risk leaving out pertinent details, you can make sure everything in your resume is in order by allowing a template to guide you.

The template is easy to download as a PDF or a Word document. You can access it anytime from your computer and also save, print, email, or upload it when applying for a position. The template simplifies your resume creation and your job application process.