Simple Resume Layouts

Landing a professional job requires that you submit a sharp and relevant resume along with your application. When you are new to the resume creation process or you want to create a resume using a solid, proven format style, you can get guidance and inspiration using simple resume templates found online for free.

Eye-catching Format

Among all of the resume styles available today, you arguably may find that the simple resume format best suits your job aspirations, particularly if you want to enjoy a career in a creative field like architecture, public relations, advertising, and other artistic fields. A simple resume combines understated artistic flair with resume essentials to create a format that is both relevant and eye-catching.

In particular, this style of resume features the use of typography, along with color and white space to emphasize your skills, talent, and training. It also introduces your potential employer to your artistic flair and creative abilities.

Coming up with the artistic inspiration to devise such a resume may be a challenge, however, especially if you are new to this style of resume or if you want to use a resume format that has proven to be successful in the job market. You can find and download a simple resume template ideal for your job search online. The template is free and contains all of the necessary information required to make sure your resume complies with your potential employer's application process.

Convenient and Fast Resume Creation

When you try creating a resume by yourself, you may become stumped about what information to include. You may include details that are not needed or even throw off the style of your resume because you have no formal template to follow.

When you use one of the simple resume layouts found online, however, you can follow along with the formatting layout and put in the required information in each part of the template. Your resume will contain the appropriate spacing and format for your biographical details, your work history, educational background, and other essential resume components.

You also can use the templates to decide what creative elements you want to include. The creative components may include the use of colors or graphics, especially if you are applying for a job in marketing, copywriting, design, animation, and other artistic fields. You can find templates that are appropriate for each of these industries, as well as many others that require such creativity.

Another advantage that comes with using downloadable resume templates involves having the formatting available to you anytime you want to create a new resume. You can save the templates in PDF or Word format and access them from your computer. You can create different resumes for each position for which you are applying.

Free Downloadable Simple resume templates

These templates are free and guide you through the process of devising a simple resume that you can use today:

Volunteer Manager

Volunteer Manager Simple Resume Layout



Teacher Simple Resume Layout


Wellness Coordinator

Wellness Coordinator Simple Resume Layout



Nutritionist Simple Resume Layout