One-page Resume Layouts

Many job recruiters must review and consider resumes quickly. They do not have a lot of time to spend reading lengthy resumes and considering each tiny detail that you include in your application.

When you want your resume to be the key to a job interview, it is important that you keep it as concise and brief as possible without sacrificing any of the pertinence or value of your job and educational training. You can create a strong, presentable, and eye-catching one page resume using a downloaded online one-page resume template today.

What is a One-Page Resume?

Simply put, a one-page resume is a resume that is contained within a single page. It should be easy to read, interesting, engaging, and entirely relevant to the position for which you are applying.

However, you may wonder what information to include on a 1 page resume and how best to organize it so that a job recruiter can read it quickly and still think that you are the best candidate for the job. Using a downloadable one-page resume layout, you can go through the resume creation process and know just what to include and what details to list.

The online one-page resume templates are easy to find and easy to download to your computer. They are available as PDF or Word document formats. They also are fast and easy to use. You simply can follow along and replace the examples of details with your own information. After you are finished, you can save it as a Word or PDF document to print, email, or upload during your job search.

The templates show you exactly what information you should include and in what format it should be typed. By the time you finish, you will have an easy to read, strong, and interesting one-page resume that could land you an interview for your desired job.

Jobs for Which to Use a One-Page Resume

As noted, most recruiters today do not have a lot of time to read lengthy resumes. They typically glance over people's resumes in a matter of minutes or even seconds before moving onto the next resume in the pile.

Some recruiters even use computer software that scans and looks for the requisite information in a person's resume. Because it is important that you catch a recruiter's eye immediately, you must use a format to create a resume that can stand on its own.

The online templates can come in handy when you are applying for positions like:

  • Sales
  • Management
  • Customer service
  • Food service like a sous chef
  • Security
  • Banking or financial positions

These positions typically do not require extensive vitae and instead call for concise, brief details to be included in your resume. You can know for certain what details to include and in what format by using a 1 page resume template today.