Functional Resume Layouts

Many employers prefer to hire people who have years of experience in the job market. For people who are new to the job market, this preference can pose a dilemma primarily because they lack the experience needed to land such positions. How can they get a job if no one will give them a chance because they lack work experience?

When you find yourself in such a dilemma, you can get a job by highlighting other experiences that you have accumulated through the years, such as your volunteer, educational, and internship experiences. You can showcase this experience and demonstrate why your past details can be just as valuable as prior work history by creating and using a functional resume. Creating an outstanding functional resume begins by downloading and using one of the free functional resume templates found online.

Why Use a Functional Resume?

When you are fresh out of high school or college and have never before worked a full-time job, you arguably may be less than desirable as a candidate to potential employers because of your lack of job history. These employers may not know at first that you make up for that lack of job experience with other skills that you gained from volunteering, working internships, or participating in organizations at school.

The skills that you acquired through these experiences can make you just as viable a candidate as someone who has years of experience in the job market. However, how can you show that you have the skills and are ready to work today?

Your best option may be to use a functional resume to highlight these skills that you can bring to the position right now. In fact, many students who are newly graduated use functional resumes in their job searches. Employers often know that new graduates typically lack in work history and job experiences. They look to these resumes to determine if an applicant has suitable replacement skills for the position.

Using a Resume Template

After you have determined that this style of resume is best for your current job search, you may then wonder how you can get started creating one that will be eye-catching and well-organized to present to possible employers. Your best option lies in downloading and using a functional resume template that can walk you through the creation process.

Using a template is fast, easy, and even fun. You can replace the sample information already in the template with your own volunteer, internship, and other skills. You can then save it on your computer to print off, email, or upload later.

Free Downloadable Chronological resume templates

The templates come as PDF or Word document formats. Once they are downloaded to your computer, you can access them anytime during your job search.


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