Creative Resume Layouts

Applying for a job in a creative industry requires that you prove your artistic capabilities. Before you interview for one of these art-centered jobs, you should submit a resume stating why you are the best candidate for the position. Rather than submit a run-of-the-mill standard resume, you can impress potential employers and showcase your creativity by using a free online creative resume template.

What is a Creative Resume?

So just what is a creative resume? Simply put, a creative resume combines artwork and designs with the practical aspects needed for a professional resume. The artwork and design elements can be included as background decorations or as accents around the bordering and sections of the resume.

A creative resume may also include a picture or photograph of you so that potential employers literally can put your face with your name. Creative resume templates give you a significant amount of leeway when it comes to your particular design settings. You can create a resume that matches the job for which you are applying.

Benefits of a Creative Resume

Because it is so different from a standard resume, you may at first be wary of using one in your own job pursuits. However, this style of resume can offer a fair number of benefits that, if utilized correctly, can help you in your job search.

The primary benefit that comes with using one of these resumes involves being able to express yourself creatively. A standard resume requires that you follow a rigid, set formula. You also are restricted in the amount of details that you can include about yourself. If you were to turn include color or decorations on a standard resume, your application may be ignored altogether.

However, when you purposely make a creative resume using a creative layout, you have more leeway when it comes to what decorative elements that you include. If you want to include color, for example, you can use the template to select and establish the color for your resume.

Likewise, if you want to include a photograph of yourself on your resume, you can use these online resume templates to paste and position your picture just how you want it. Many people like to use their pictures as a header or as a background for their resumes.

When to Use a Creative Resume

After learning what creative resumes are, you may wonder for what careers and positions you should use one. Some of the more popular positions for which to use one of these resumes include:

  • Interior designer
  • Graphic artist
  • Animator
  • Multimedia designer
  • Web designer

When you submit a creative resume for one of these careers, you showcase your creativity and also point out why you are the best candidate for the job.

Accessing Your Creative Resume

When you use a free online template, you have the option of storing and saving your resume in a Word document that you can access via your online account that you set up on the resume template website. Microsoft Word can be opened by most computers throughout the country, and it provides one of the easiest formats for your resume to be saved and read.


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Graphic Designer Resume Layout