Cool Resume Layouts

Today's competitive job market has plenty of room for free thinkers and people whose talents are closely linked to their personalities and creativity. When you want to pursue a career that lets you be yourself, you can begin by creating a cool resume to present to employers. Creating a viable, yet cool resume starts when you use one of the free online cool resume templates available to you now.

Cool Resumes

More employers today appreciate applicants who are not afraid to let their personalities shine through their resumes. By using a cool resume template that you can find and download from the Internet, you have inspiration and guidance right at your fingertips to help you create the perfect resume that will get you hired.

This resume style encourages you to mix up the font size and color, add colorful details like graphic designs, and even add your picture to your resume if you prefer. The templates offer you a wide variety of creative elements to include in your resume as you wish. You can download a template in a PDF or Word format and save it to your computer for your convenience.

Why Use a Cool Resume Template

You may wonder why you should use one of these templates in your cool resume creation. For starters, they provide you with the proper format that is expected of professional resumes today.

They also provide you the inspiration to design a resume that matches your skills and personality. If you were to create a resume on your own, you may hesitate to add these creative elements on your own. A template gives you the guidance and support you need during the creation process.

These templates are also easy to use because all you have to do is replace the sample information with your own details. You can go through each section and include your contact information, your training and educational background, references, and more. It takes you just a matter of minutes to create a resume that you can save to your computer, print off, or email to prospective employers.

Cool Resume Applications and Jobs

So what kinds of jobs can you apply for with a cool resume? Any career that requires that you be creative and personable may be ideal for this type of resume style.

Some positions may include:

  • Graphic design
  • Computer website design
  • Animation
  • Illustration