Contemporary Resume Layouts

Contemporary resumes are unlike other resume styles. With its newsletter-like layout and easy-to-read format, this resume can be the ideal choice when applying for a variety of positions in the job market today.

Contemporary Resume Defined

A contemporary resume typically utilizes two separate columns on one or two pages. These columns give the resume the look and readability of a newsletter.

This resume style can be ideal when applying for certain positions because it is easy to read and also neat and clean in its appearance. It stands out from other resume styles because it is modern and compiled in an organized, logical manner.

Creating a Contemporary Resume

If you have never before created a contemporary resume, you may be unsure of how to devise and align the columns or how to organize information like your contact details, work history, skills, and other resume essentials. Rather than guess or work for hours perfecting the structure of your resume, you can get it right the first time when you download and follow along with convenient contemporary resume templates.

When you use a contemporary resume template, you can replace the examples with your own information and also tailor it to your preferred typography. You can include creative elements like color and graphics if you choose.

Jobs for Which to Use Contemporary Resumes

As noted, some jobs are more ideal for using a contemporary resume than others. Some of the positions for which you may use this style of resume include:

  • IT support
  • Upper Retail Management
  • Teaching and Educational Support
  • Mid-level healthcare, like RN nursing