Chronological Resume Layouts

When it comes to resume style preferences, some employers have their tried and true favorites.

This style of resume lists in chronological order your job and educational histories that you have acquired since high school or college. If you are unsure of how to create one of these resumes or you simply want effective, skilled guidance in creating a resume of your own, you are encouraged to use one of the online chronological resume templates available to you today. You can download every template style that suits you to your computer. The chronological resume template styles are available in Word or PDF formatting.

Defining a Chronological Resume

As its name implies, a chronological resume will list your work, educational, and skill acquisitions in chronological order, starting with the most recent and working backwards until the prior two or three entries are included. This resume requires that you list the name of your employer or educational institute, as well as the dates and locations at which you worked or attended these organizations.

When you use this style of resume, it is important that you list the dates as accurately as possible and also explain any absences from the job market or from school. This resume presents a clear cut timeline for your potential employer to consider.

Most students straight out of high school or college will use this type of resume when launching their professional careers. It is the style of resume most often taught in job training classes in school. It is also one that is arguably the easiest to create.

Using a Resume Template

Despite how easy it is to create a chronological resume, it still may be advisable that you download and use a resume template. The template will guide you in what kinds of information is needed on your resume and how that information should be presented.

Using a template is easy because all you have to do is replace the sample information on the template with your actual work and educational details. The formatting is already done for you so you do not have to worry about how far to indent your lines or whether or not to italicize your entries.

Jobs for Which to Use a Chronological Resume

You may wonder when to use a chronological resume in your job search. You arguably can use this type of resume in just about any job you pursue in the market today. Recruiters recognize and appreciate the streamlined organization of this resume style.

You also can use it if you want to highlight your job and educational backgrounds. This type of resume ensures that these details get noticed and that you express why you are the best applicant for the position.

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