Basic Resume Layouts

Different professions call for applicants to use a variety of resume formats. When you wonder what sections and information you should include in your own resume, you can get guidance and inspiration by downloading and using basic resume templates.

Basic Resume Creation

All resumes typically feature styles that express the information that employers require to vet you as a candidate. Some of the more common sections found in resumes today include:

  • Contact Details
  • Work History or Experience
  • Skills or Abilities
  • Educational Details
  • References

Create a streamlined and organized resume

The order in which these sections are included and the information that you include in each section can vary according to the position for which you are applying. Determining this layout, however, can be a challenge if you are new to the field or if you are not entirely comfortable drafting a resume without some sort of help. You can get the help you need when you use a basic resume template that can be found online.

Resume Template Guidance

One of the main advantages that comes with using free online resume template help involves being guided through the resume creation process. Templates are available for a wide variety of professions and in a wide variety of styles. You can choose the template that best suits your professional aspirations.

The templates also help you get right to the point when creating your resume. If you are freehand creating a resume, it could be easy for you to get off track and include details that are not helpful to your job search. With a template, you simply follow the formatting and include all of the recommended information in your resume. The template helps you create a streamlined, organized format that will capture potential employers' attention and help you land the ideal job for your skill level and talent.

The templates' basic layout does not mean that your resume will be boring and lackluster. In fact, a basic resume can be one of the sharpest and well-formatted resumes that an employer receives from an applicant. It highlights your talent without providing distracting or irrelevant details. It also drives home the fact that you are the best candidate for the job.

A basic resume also can be appealing and even creative. When you download and use the templates, you can add color, graphics, and other artistic details that can help make your resume dimensional and interesting. This creativity can be ideal if you are applying for an artistic position in interior design, animation, and other creative fields.

Basic Resume Job Searches

You may wonder what jobs you can apply for using a resume created with a basic resume template. In fact, there are hundreds of jobs for which such a resume could be perfect. These positions include:

  • Sales
  • Customer Service
  • Technical Support
  • Entry level health care
  • Non-certified teaching

Free Downloadable Basic resume templates

The ideal resume can help you land the perfect job. You can know what information to include using these online basic resume templates listed below:


Accounting Basic Resume Layout



Journalist Basic Resume Layout


Public Worker

Public Worker Basic Resume Layout


Ticket Agent

Ticket Agent Basic Resume Layout