Resume Templates listed by Styles

Different professions call for different resume formats. The perfect resume can help land you your perfect job. Create your ideal resume today using the best resume layout with Resume Templates Website.

So how do you know which layout is best for your job pursuits? You can know for sure by learning about the differences among each and also knowing when and where each resume layouts should be used.

Layouts of Resumes

Building your perfect resume is vital in your job pursuits. You can get started by using these free online Resume Layouts:



The templates' basic layout does not mean that your resume will be boring and lackluster. Using these free samples found online, you can create a masterpiece resume and apply for any of these and numerous other positions.



It is important that you get to the point and highlight your set of job skills. You can stand apart from your competition by creating a clean resume using one of the resume templates found online.



Creating a resume on your own can be a challenge if you are unsure of how to highlight your creativity and skills. You can find inspiration for your job search and download and use a resume template that is proven to be relevant to the position for which you are applying.



Expressing your creativity can help land you a job in fields like art, design, and other artistic careers. Applying for an artistic career requires that you prove your creativity. You can draft the ideal creative layout using a free online resume template.



If you are new to this type of resume layout or you want a fast, convenient, and easy way of creating the perfect modern resume for your job search, you can download and use any of the free online modern resume templates found online.



You can download one of these Contemporary templates in a PDF or Word document format and have it easily accessible to you from your own computer. You can then print it off or email it to employers.



A cool layout has its place in the job market today. Expressing your creativity and personality can help you land a job suited to your talents. Designing the ideal cool resume can take time and dedication.



A traditional layout is a valid choice for jobs in teaching, management, and other professions that call for uniformity and organization. You can create your ideal traditional resume quickly and easily by downloading resume templates today.



Chronological resumes are widely used and appreciated in today's competitive job market. You can create a chronological resume of your own and include all of the necessary details by downloading and using a free chronological resume template today.



You may lack work experience. However, you can highlight your other skills gained through volunteering and working internships with a functional resume created with a functional resume template. The samples come as PDF or Word document formats.



Your resume must be eye-catching, interesting, and relevant all at once without going over one page in length. Rather than create a rambling, irrelevant resume, you can create the ideal one-page resume today by downloading and using a one-page resume template.



Professional positions in teaching, medicine, and other related fields call for you to submit a two-page resume. Create an outstanding and strong two-page CV using a free downloadable archives and apply for a skilled professional position

Saving Your Resume

One of the main advantages that comes from using a free online resume template website involves being able to download and save resume templates in PDF or Word format to your personal computer. After you choose from the available online resume styles, you can then follow the steps to create your resume. You can access your word archive anytime to change your resume or to upload it to a potential employer's website. You can also print off your resume.

When you download resume templates, you may wonder what format is best to use for your job pursuits. Because it tends to be used universally, Microsoft Word proves to be a viable choice. You can save and download your resume into this format, knowing that the document should be able to be accessed and opened from just about any computer in the country.

Chronological Functional and Combination

Three main resume styles exist in today's competitive job market. These three resume layouts include:

  • Chronological
  • Functional
  • Combination

The chronological, as its name infers, is a resume style that lists your job and educational experiences in a chronological order. You typically start with your most recent positions first and list backwards to your first positions.

The functional resume highlights your skills and experiences rather than focuses entirely on your chronological work and educational history. It is designed to allow you to advertise your strengths and downplay any weaknesses that may exist in your work history.

The combination resume, as its name implies, is a combination of your work history and strengths. You can create this or either of the other two styles when you select from the online resume layouts found for free at