After the Job Interview

If you had a job interview, it means you have done things well until now. It is for sure your resume caught the attention of the employer and that was the reason why you got a job interview. We already have talked about this important step in our website, but do you know what to do after the job interview? If you want to know how to follow-up after this meeting and also read an introduction to the "thank you letter", one of the most important things to do in this stage, we invite you to read the following info.

How to follow-up after the job interview?

Some people overlook this step, so if you want to get a job, don't forget to do this.

The follow-up techniques described in the points below, have the purpose to show the strong interest of the candidate for the job position.

They never have to show desperation. So we recommend you take them into consideration.

  • First, a good idea is obtaining the names and titles of all your interviewers. You can try to get their business cards.
  • Don't forget to ask your interviewers when they will make the hiring decision.
  • Send a thank you email, letter or note to your interviewers. If they are more than one, write a letter for each one. You must vary at least a little the content of each letter.
  • It is recommended that the previous letter be sent within the 24 hours of the interview. Remember that time is important, so send the thank you letter as soon as you can.
  • In case the interviewer tells you that he/she will call you in a frame of time, and you don't receive that call, then you can call the company and ask about the job status.
  • Also, if you haven't heard after some business days (maybe a week) about the status of the job, you can send an email to your interviewer and ask about an update. Making a call is also another route to get in contact with your interviewer, but bear in mind that more than one call can be a bad point for you.
  • Although you are sure, the job is not for you, you must send a thank you letter thanking your interviewers for the opportunity to meet you.
  • For any reason, you must stop with your job-hunting. Always, try to find other opportunities, this way the chances to get a job will increase.

Thank you letter

Here we have talked about an important way to remind your interviewers about you. The thank you letter, thank you note (usually a short letter) or thank you email, is something you have to write after the job interview.

Once, you have the personal information (names, email address and titles) of each of the persons you have met in your interview, it is time to write your letter. You can decide for a hand-written or typed letter. It will also depend on the companies' culture and how was your interview (formal, not too formal).

You have to consider that this letter must be impeccable. It is true that time is essential, but never send a correspondence with grammatical errors and typos. It can damage your image.

Before writing, remember the main purpose of the letter. Do you know what it is? Well, with this, you remember the employer about you, you thank the persons you met in the interview for such opportunity, and also you can mention important things you have forgotten to say during this meeting.

The letter hasn't to be longer. Three paragraphs will be good. Consider to close this correspondence with a thankful expression and mentioning your intention to be in contact.

After you finish writing it, don't forget to proofread, this way you can correct some mistakes.

Following up can be beneficial for you. It can help you to get the job, or at least give you the opportunity of a second job interview, where you can show you are the person that suits better the job position. So, don't forget this step and get the job of your dreams!