17 Dec, 2012

Modern Resume TemplateWhen you apply for a job, there are some things you can do in order to stand out from the bunch. If you do some research on Internet, you’ll find many creative and eye-catching resume templates, we will call them “Modern Resumes”.

A modern resume, or modern CV, implies to include on it additional information such as your social media accounts, also providing an unique design. Making a smart looking resume can increase your chances of catching the employer’s attention and be contacted for a job interview. So, take into consideration that you can pass the competition with a modern resume template. Find here some essential tips for a modern resume and check various outstanding modern templates.

Resume presentation

To present a modern resume, don’t forget to bear in mind the following essential aspects that are related to the content:

  • Always present an up-to-date resume.
  • Include links to your social media profiles. For instance, you can add a link to your LinkedIn account (LinkedIn is an excellent social media tool for job seekers). This will show you are a candidate who’s keeping up with modern tools.
  • Describe the jobs you have done in the last 10 years, but not in the last 11 to 20 years.
  • Remember your CV has to be short.

Modern Resume Templates

A good Resume Template can guide you on what sections (education, experience, etc) you can include and the right location to place them. A resume template could be a great help to save time when preparing a CV. Of course, you can personalize and adapt it according to your taste and specific needs.

A Modern Resume Template is a well designed CV, which include the common sections in the most convenient way. Seeing them, you can agree that it get the attention of hiring managers quickly. Consequently, using a modern template can increase your opportunities of getting an interview and achieve your dream job.

So, resumes are no more limited to have only one appearance, you have many ways to present your CV than only using black text in a white background. Besides, if you always have used letter fonts such as Arial or Times New Roman, with the new resume templates you could use other ones.

Independently of the job position you are applying for, we invite you to consider the following resumes with great styles and designs. So, you can decide to use them or create your own one. Of course, the content is the most important thing in a resume, but why not to provide an awesome presentation?

Modern Resume 1

Resume designed by Rene Franceschi - Graphic and expert Web designer

Modern Resume 2

Resume designed by Goran Dragutinovic - Graphic designer

Modern Resume 3

Resume designed by Mike Kondrat - Graphic and Web designer

Modern Resume 4

Resume designed by radoslaw – user from

Modern Resume 4

Resume designed by dvocreative – user from

Modern Resume 6

Resume designed by philearley – user from

As you can see, the previous Modern Resume Templates show its content clearly. The personal details (address, email, social media accounts, etc) and sections (skills, work experience, etc) are well defined. So, employers can easily identify the info of their interest.

So, if you want to present a good resume, content is important, but also the presentation. Taking in mind that competition is fierce today, you need to make a resume that stand out from other candidates, so, one of the things you can do is using a modern resume template that catches the attention of the employer.

Do you want to check other resume templates? Then, visit this resume templates directory.

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