10 Dec, 2012

Computer skillsWhen recruiters decide to hire a worker, they have in mind the right person for the job position. So, they will look for candidates with certain knowledge, work experience, and with some specific skills. If there are two candidates that have similar preparation, work experience, etc, but one of them doesn’t have the required skills, the one that owns the required skills will stand out from the other one. It's good you have certain skills related to the job vacancy, but you will also need to know how to include some technical skills in your resume. So, let's see how to do that.

Business and companies won’t hire candidates that require much preparation. There are basic skills they need to have in order they be hired. Technical skills are not only related to the ability to work with computers, software, hardware, etc. They are also related to use certain equipment to do certain job, for example you could be asked to know how to operate a heavy engineering machine.

Having those skills is very important to get the job you want, but also you must know how to detail them in your resume. Take care of including just the abilities that are relevant to the position. Therefore, you will need to customize this section for each job you are applying for. This way you will provide to the hiring manager with the best matching resume.

Write the essential skills you have; don’t forget to mention the most related to the job. One thing you have to avoid is making a big list of skills, which include irrelevant ones. If you include many abilities, you could distract the recruiter's attention, so he/she wouldn’t concentrate in the main information of your resume. It is not necessary to write all the technical skills you posses.

The section listing your technical skills, should itemize the computer skills you possess. It is good to indicate the level of expertise you have. If you are applying for an IT job, then you must pay special attention to this section and emphasize your related abilities on programming languages, software, hardware, operating systems, networking, and much more. (If you also want to know more about how to write a CV for IT jobs, we invite you to read more here: programmer engineer resume).

Currently, many job positions include some computer skills, even if they are non-IT jobs. So, it is important you take courses and get experience in this field. So, if you are applying to a job, list those skills that can be applicable to the industry you plan to work for. The following is an example of what to include in this section:

Computer skills

  • Experienced with Microsoft Outlook
  • Skilled in Microsoft Project and Microsoft Excel
  • Experienced with AutoCAD (+6 years)
  • Proficient in Microsoft Word
  • Experienced with Linux (OS)

On the other hand, maybe you are writing your resume to get a job related to engineering jobs. If so, in addition to add your computer skills, you should have to include the experience and the ability you have to operate specialized machines. Thus, technical skills are not just limited to the technology world.

In order to get advantages of writing this section in your resume, take in mind the previous considerations.

As we said, just list in your resume the relevant skills for the job post. Remember they are not only related to technology (hardware and software). Always customize this section to the working field. Of course, these skills are not the main point for employers to decide to hire you, but they will show them you are already prepared to do certain tasks.

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