19 Dec, 2013

There is always this first time: first steps, first day at school, college and then university, perhaps. And then there’s this first job application, your first attempt to get the real job. And if your first steps could be clumsy and your parents were yet in seventh heaven, there’s no way mistakes in your application would bring you the same amount of joy. A smart approach would be to take your resume seriously and avoid all the most common mistakes possible and follow 5 simple rules how to write a resume.

Rule #1. Brevity is The Soul of Wit

When writing a resume, bear in mind, that hiring managers are not actually interested in reading 5-paged resumes, because they have to look through dozens of them. Create a concise, clear and informative resume and increase your chances of getting the job you like.

Rule #2. Think Like a Hiring Manager

Companies tend to have a certain image of the perfect applicant. And your task is to fit into this picture. That is why you should learn more about the company you would like to work for before you start writing the resume. When you know company values, goals, strengths and weaknesses, it will be much easier for you to define which of your qualities and skills should be reflected in your resume.

Rule #3. Don't Be Lazy

There’s nothing worse than sending a resume to “Company X” and then having “Company Y” mentioned in your objective statement. If you really wish to get work at a certain company you will have to take resume individually and put some efforts into it. And if you have several companies in mind, it would be better to write different variants of a resume, where you would reflect the most necessary skills (see Rule #2). As an alternative, you can prepare a draft and then change it slightly for every separate job application.

Rule #4. Use Proper Resume Samples

Since this is your first application ever, it would be wise to look for the shortcut and opt for resume samples, which would give you the right direction from the start. The web is full of specialized services, like, where you can find guidelines, samples and even expert advice on resume writing. However, don’t forget to give the personal touch, like mentioned in Rule #4.

Rule #5. Put Forward the Best of You

No need to say, that in the whole application process your resume is the only way to show how good you are and which value you could give to the company. Thus you need to put forward all the best qualities and achievements you have. But you also need to be careful and stay relevant, so that you don’t mention your extensive baby care experience while applying for the accountant’s position.

Anyways, the best way to learn to do something is actually try and do it. So good luck! Full info on

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