14 Jan, 2013

Accounting Resume ObjectiveIf you are interested in applying for an accounting job, there are certain steps that you should take in order to increase your chances of getting the job. Writing a solid resume objective is one of the steps you should take.

A resume objective is a document written by an applicant that should be included in the resume; basically, the resume objective is a small preview of what the resume has to offer. So if I want to get a job in accounting, how should I tackle the resume objective? The answer to this question is found here, and if you want to write a good resume objective statement, keep reading this article.

Why should you include the resume objective statement in your resume?

Including the resume objective statement is optional, but there are several reasons why it’s preferable to include it in your resume. The main reason why you should add a resume objective statement in your resume is because it increases the chances of an employer noticing you; it is also a great way convince them that you have the chops for working in the position that is being sought after.

What should my resume objective do?

Well, the goal of the resume objective is to catch an employer’s attention. To accomplish this task, there are certain things that need to be included in a resume objective. One of the things you need to consider when writing your resume objective is to be clear about the goals you plan to accomplish.

What does a resume objective statement look like?

What about some examples of resume objectives? A resume objective is a short statement, about one to two sentences in length, that is placed on the top of a written resume. The resume objective is basically like a headline in a commercial; its main goal is to grab someone’s attention and persuade them about a product, which in this case is you.

Here are some examples of a resume objective statement oriented to the accounting field:

“Looking for a position where I can use my 40 years of experience in the accounting field.”

“Seeking a job as an accountant where I can help better the company and use my knowledge in math.”

“Seasoned accountant who has years of experience in the field and plenty of educational credentials and is looking for a position where my knowledge can be used to better a company.”

“Accountant with plenty of experience handling personal and business finances who is looking for a position where I can use this experience.”

“Looking for a position in a company where I can use my accounting experience.”

How long should a resume objective statement be?

A resume objective statement should never exceed three sentences in length. Remember: a resume objective is only a statement; it shouldn’t be a paragraph. It is supposed to be a preview of what the resume has to offer, not a mini resume.

What should I include in my resume objective?

There are a lot of things that you should include in your resume, but the most important things to include are the position you are seeking and the credentials you have; you can also list some of your educational background, for example: “Graduate of an accounting program in Nova Southeastern University who is looking for a position where I can use my knowledge to better the company.” You can also use descriptive details, for example: “Hardworking accounting who is looking for a position in a company where I can improve the efficiency.”

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