25 Feb, 2013

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If you are applying to a nursing position, you need to write a standout resume objective. A CV objective statement for a nursing position should describe your work experience, your skills, and your qualifications like your degree from an institution like Gwynedd Mercy it should also show employers what position you are interested in getting.

A CV objective statement is a short paragraph that lists the applicant’s interests, experiences, goals and how they heard about the job. Writing a resume objective statement is not required, but including it with your CV can help you stand out from other applicants.

Here are some tips for writing a resume objective statement for a nursing position:

List your interests: Listing what you want in your resume objective statement is a great way to standout from others because it shows that you have the drive to look for what you want. When stating your interests, always make sure to write clearly and confidently. For example, if you prefer to work with children, express it in your resume objective statement. On top of appearing confident, listing your interests in your resume objective statement will help you land a position you truly want.

Describe your experiences: Your resume objective statement is a preview to your resume. Even if your resume describes your experiences, you should still list them on your resume objective statement because it lures potential employers into reading your CV.

Grammar Check: Because your resume objective statement is very short, you should always ensure that it’s free of grammar and spelling errors. Grammar errors in a short paragraph make you look careless, so always proofread your resume objective statement. Remember, spell-check software is not a substitute for proofreading because it lets some mistakes slide.

To proofread effectively, you can try the following tips:

  • Read your writing out loud because it helps you catch pesky awkward phrasing.
  • Wait an hour before proofreading because proofreading familiar writing makes it harder to catch mistakes.
  • Ask a friend or family member to proofread for you.

Location: The place where you include your resume statement can make a dramatic impact. There are several places where you can format this statement, but if you want to catch the employer’s attention, it’s best to use it as a headline or under your contact information. Placing your CV objective statement in a highly visible area increases the chances of an employer noticing your resume.

Use active writing: Always write in active voice instead of using passive voice. Passive voice is dull and can cause the reader to lose interest in your writing. Using active voice is stronger, clearer and more alive than passive voice. Also, be confident and exciting when writing your resume objective statement for a nursing career because it increases your chances of getting noticed by an employer.

Writing a resume objective statement is a great way to catch the employer’s attention, and it can also help you get the position of your dreams. With the help of these tips, you’ll come across as a professional, confident and reliable person in your CV objective statement.

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