9 Dec, 2012

Resume Objective ImprovementIncluding an objective statement in your resume can give you the chance to hook the reader, and get the chance of moving to the next step of your job search, it means to the job interview. It is for sure that you have heard about this important part in your resume, and also, maybe you have written many of them when applying for a job, but do you consider you did it well? If you don’t, we invite you to read this article on how to fix and improve your Resume Objective Statement.

If you are a job seeker that have decided to include an opening statement in your resume or CV, instead than include it in the cover letter, then take into consideration the following aspects that will help you to improve your objective in your CV:

  • First of all, you have to bear in mind that the purpose of this part of your resume should show possible employers you can contribute the company or enterprise to meet its goals. Many job hunters write the objective, just mentioning what they are looking for, but they forget to communicate why the company must hire them.
  • It is strongly important that you customize your CV objective, in order it matches the job vacancy you are applying for. Be specific, the more specific you are writing this part, the better opportunity to be considered as a potential candidate for the job.
  • A common mistake that people do is describing a variety of skills in the objective. Remember that employers are looking for a person that meet the requirements for a job position, not for two or more, so your objective have to be focused on the one single job position.
  • The previous issue determines that you have to write as many objectives as job positions you apply for. So write a new one, and tailor it to each job vacancy. Different job vacancies will require different resumes and consequently different objectives.
  • The objective must not be too long. You can use few phrases. Try to not exceed the two lines. Remember that hiring managers spend just 15 seconds to review the candidates’ resumes.

How else can you improve your resume objective statement?

These few points are also crucial when you write your objective:

  • Highlight what you bring to the job, not only show the recruiters you want the job. Let us show why you can help the employers meet their business goals.
  • It is better you write in third person. It allows you to force stronger statements about your work. So you can start with phrases such as : "Experienced web developer who has worked on well recognized companies...."

Some people write a professional summary instead of an objective, because they think that objective statements limit them and that a summary is more employer-focused than an objective. So if you decide, you can upgrade your objective for a summary. Let see an objective and a summary resume:

  • Objective: “Get a sales position in which I can use my communication skills to give an effective service to clients in the company”.
  • Summary: “Experienced sales person with 6 years of experience in the attention of clients providing assistance in the sales department. Excellent communication skills and a valuable empathy”.

Whatever be the option you choose, don’t forget that through both ways you are showing to the hiring manager that you are a good fit for the job.

When writing this important section of your CV, always take into account the purpose of this statement. It can help you to get a closer look from recruiters. So, take your time and write a convincing objective.

By Xavier Colomain, Resume Consultant and Blog Contributor. Sharing expertise and providing Career Coaching since 1997. Owner of

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