11 Nov, 2012

Nurse Resume ObjectiveThe nursing world is growing exponentially; in fact, many people are heading back to school to become nurses because of the plethora of jobs and job security that exists within the field. With that being said, nurses do not simply have jobs fall into their laps. The resume provided to the employer is, essentially, what gets a nurse hired. After the educational portion of the resume, the most significant portion is the resume objective statement. A nurse's resume objective statement tells employers what the potential employees goals are and reveals a snapshot of the person's personality without ever meeting.

The Importance of an Objective Statement

An objective statement, by and large, is the first indicator of whom you are to an employer. While your education and job experience speaks volumes, employers look to see who you truly are in your objective statement. An objective statement, simply put, is your professional goal outlined for the employer in question. As a nurse, the goal is to provide superb healthcare, first and foremost, but your career objectives are obviously far more expansive than that. Employers and recruiters look for objective statements that are self-assured, focused and detailed. Each of these traits reveals an employee that is confident, focused and competent enough to do the job.

Objective Statement Examples

Before you get started on writing an objective statement, consider, honestly, what you hope you'll be doing in one year, five years and ten years. This is an excellent starting off point to figure out the best possible statement. You'll need to be truly honest with yourself. Write down a few of your goals and then think about what a business owner would want to see from their employees. While objective statements are all about your goals they must be written in the form of a benefit to the company. Be direct and specific; vague resume objectives for a nurse are unlikely to be beneficial. In fact, a vague objective is a red flag for most recruiters. This is valuable when you are applying for an advanced position. We've collected a few nurse resume objective statements. These examples should give you a better idea of what employers would like to see.

Example #1: "To create a respectful, efficient and competent office environment through the utilization of my nursing skills."

Example #2: "To build strong working relationships that emphasis the complex care of critical patients."

Example #3: "To utilize my nursing skills in a fast-paced environment by utilizing my critical thinking skills and experience in complex, multi-system issues."

Example #4: "Create an organized, efficient and caring work environment for pediatric patients and their families during challenging health crises."

Example #5: "Seeking a nursing position that will utilize my ability to understand complex medical issues and sympathize with patients."

These examples utilize descriptors and courses of action that the employee will take to create a receptive and efficient work environment. Companies ,doctors and hospitals included, look to hire efficient workers. These workers have to provide the facility with some benefits. The objective statement examples listed above are written in a manner that shows the company what you, the worker, can do for them through the achievement of your personal, career goals.

Double Check

Once you have prepared your resume that includes your nurse objective statement you will want to check over the spelling and grammar of the entire resume. Many a good candidate has lost employer interest by not proofreading their work. This attention to detail is a necessity in any industry, but more so in nursing. Nurses, as a whole, are expected to be perfectionist who can multitask. The lives of other people depend on them on a daily basis. With this in mind, do the simple task of proofreading your resume before you submit it to an employer. If you don't feel your grammar and spelling skills are up to snuff ask a trusted friend or colleague to look it over for you. Two sets of eyes are always better than one.

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