Professional resume samples

If you are looking for a job, then you need a well-written resume in order to get a job interview.

Whether you are a high-school student, graduate from university or an experienced professional you need a well-structured resume to give the impression that you're an organized person. On there are many downloadable resume samples, take these as a guide and them customize yours. Find more than 250 professional free resume templates, tips to proofread your resume, pieces of advice for before, during and after your job interview.

Likewise, you can save your resume in PDF or DOC to create many resumes with different styles. Don’t forget to attach a cover letter to your resume, this letter is a summary of your main document then it should be concise, well-written and interesting to read.

Make a well-written resume

Everybody is aware of the big amount of professionals who have just graduated and don't know how to write a resume. We offer an extensive collection of free resume templates that can be used in order to prepare a professional application, covering hundreds of job positions.

Don't forget to visit our blog to get very useful advice on how to write such an important document and get the employer's attention.

Writing Tips

  • Think carefully about what you are going to include in your CV in order to make yourself look as the perfect professional for the job position you're applying for. Don't forget to include some important parts as the Objective, Career profile, Education, Experience and other skills, placing them in the correct order.
  • Consider using templates, which can provide various benefits: it saves time, it's easier, avoids some formatting problems and gives a professional touch.
  • A well-written resume should convince the employer that you have what it takes to be successful in this new position or career. It should be so pleasing to the eye that the reader is enticed to pick it up and read it.
  • The central idea is to inspire the prospective employer to pick up the phone and ask you to come in for an interview.


Education background is one of the most important parts, place your information in a correct way.


You should place only related and relevant job experience using keywords in the description part.

Resume Objective

A professional resume template should always have an objective or summary. Every job seeker already know how important is to have a statement that shows the employer your goals and what you can do for the company. To see some examples of these statements, you can check our repository and download the template that fits your needs.

Objective statement

Prepare a brief and explicit objective statement, check out some valuable tips here.

Objective examples

Review these examples in order to know how a resume objective statement should be written.

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Online Resume Builder Tools

online resume maker

Using online resume services and tools can help you to vastly improve the overall professionalism and quality of your own CV. Applying for a job in today's economy can be challenging regardless of your level of experience, previous employment history and the skill sets you have. Any time you are interested in obtaining a new job, using an online resume builder and other CV writing tips online can greatly improve your chances of receiving a follow-up interview request or your chances of being hired altogether. The more time and effort you put in to writing a CV for each individual position you are interested in the easier it is to build a professional reputation for yourself anywhere you apply.

How to Write a Resume for a Career Change

How to Write a Resume for a Career Chang

In today's unpredictable job market, several job seekers are facing a situation they never dreamed of encountering: changing careers. Whether it's via layoff or the lack of available jobs, many candidates are seeking employment in new industries. To successfully transition into a new career, your CV must be set up in a very specific way which adequately highlights your "transferable" skills and makes you look like a qualified candidate. Transferable skills are skills which you used in your previous employment that are applicable to the job you are seeking. Showcasing your most relevant abilities and experience is what will convince employers to interview you, so that should be the focus of the CV. To do this, you have two very distinct options: a reverse-chronological OR functional resume.